Chinese Astrology

Chinese astrology is principally based on the Moon and its orbit around the Earth every 28 days. Mansions, what each day out of the 28 is called, are classified into sets of four that matches the four phases of the moon. Chinese astrologers have mapped out the heavens in a completely different way than that of western astrologers, having charts that have particulars on which mansion the moon is categorized under on a specified day. Each mansion of each of the 4 groups has a specific connotation which follows:

A. The Green Dragon of spring - the Horn, the Neck, the Base, the Room, the Heart, the Tail, and the Basket.

B. The Black Tortoise of winter or the new Moon - the Ladle, the Ox-Boy, the Maiden, the Void, the Rooftop, the House, and the Wall.

C. The White Tiger of Autumn – Astride, the Mound, the Stomach, the Pleiades, the Net, the Beak, and the Orion.

D. The Red Bird of Summer or full Moon - the Well, the Ghosts, the Willow, the Bird, the Bow, the Wings, and the Carriage.

Chinese zodiac has referenced the lunar calendar, and has a sixty year cycle. The sixty year cycle is made up of two separate cycles that affect each other. The first is the ten heavenly stems made up of five elements of Chinese astrology; Earth, Fire, Water, Wood, and Metal in either Yin or Yang form. The Yin and Yang are opposing natural forces (dark and light, female and male, low and high) that come together to create a balance. The five elements are also associated with different five planets namely:

  1. Metal – Venus
  2. Wood – Jupiter
  3. Water – Mercury
  4. Fire – Mars
  5. Earth – Saturn

The second is the Zodiac animal signs or the Earthly branches (rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, and boar). Scholars theorize that Zodiac was influenced by India, Hotan, and Sogdiana, brought to China by the Buddhists during the Qin dynasty. The zodiac sign is either yin or yang form (the dragon is always in yang, the snake is always in yin). Years that end in an even number are yang, those that end with an odd number are yin. The present 60 year cycle began in the year 1984. The equilibrium of yin and yang and the elements based on a person's time of birth, has a direct effect on one's feng shui, the art concerned with the relationship of human beings and energies of nature. Feng shui is the Chinese form of geomancy. Each of the 5 elements is correlated to a season, direction, and different types of qi or life forces.

Considering all these details, Chinese astrology believes that one's destiny is predisposed depending on the position of 5 planets at the time that one was born. The arrangement of the Sun, Moon, and comets are also considered. The 12 animal year sequence is based on the time that the planet Jupiter takes to orbit the Sun. Additionally, each animal is influenced by the Yin Yang direction. One's fortune is painstakingly scrutinized depending on the exact hour, day, mansion, phase of the moon, and animal year. This is still being practiced in present day modern astrology.

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